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#gib 100X to 200x 8LED USB Digital Microscope Endoscope Video Magnifier Camera
USD $ 20.47
USD $ 95.00
USD $ 179.36
1 g Gram Precision Calibration Weight Jewelry Scale Digital Pocket Balance Test
USD $ 2.25
1 kg x 0.01g Lab Digital Balance Scale LCD Electronic Precision Weight
USD $ 154.11
USD $ 46.99
1.4MP Peltier Cooled CCD Low Light Fluorescence Microscope Camera
USD $ 2,597.00
10,000 x 0.1 Gram Optima Digital Jewelry Scale Analytical Laboratory Pharmacy
USD $ 319.95
10-65X Binocular Zoom Stereo Microscope (SZ08010222) Boli Optics
USD $ 649.97
100 Glass Prepared Basic Science Microscope Slides with Wooden Box Set A
USD $ 43.55
100 gram Precision Balance 100g x .001g Lab Analytical Scale New
USD $ 227.00
100 gram x 0.001 .001 gram High Resolution Digital Balance Scale Laboratory A...
USD $ 335.77
1000 Gram x 0.01 Precisa Digital Laboratory Carats Classic Precision Balance
USD $ 823.99
1000X 8 LED USB 2.0MP Digital Microscope Endoscope Zoom Camera Magnifier + Stand
USD $ 19.49
1000X Digital Microscope, Klaren Portable Usb Microscope Camera
USD $ 23.94
1000X Digital USB 8-LED Microscope Magnifier Endoscope Camera Video Zoom Stand
USD $ 18.04
100g x 0.01g Mini Digital Jewelry Pocket Gram Scale 6 Modes Gram Ounce Carat New
USD $ 9.21
100X BNC AV TV Digital Industrial Microscope Camera C-Mount Len & 7" Monitor Set
USD $ 126.00
100X Digital Microscope VGA 2.0MP Camera + C-mount Lens for Industrial Lab In US
USD $ 105.47
100X Oil Infinity PLAN Darkfield Compound Microscope Objective w Iris Diaphragm
USD $ 261.24
100x0.001g 1 Lab Analytical Balance Digital High Precision Electronic Scale
USD $ 59.58
10L 250W Digital Ultrasonic Cleaner with Timer & Heater + Stainless steel basket
USD $ 574.33
10MP Microscope Digital Camera with Focusable Lens and Calibration Kit
USD $ 350.00
10MP USB3.0 Live Video Digital Microscope Camera 10 MP + Calibration Kit
USD $ 274.98
10X & 30X Stereo Microscope on Single-Arm Boom with Ring Light
USD $ 273.42
10X Binocular Stereo Microscope on Boom Arm Stand + LED Goose-Neck Light
USD $ 179.98
10X Widefield Stereo Microscope with Boom Arm Stand and Incident Light
USD $ 178.99
10X-15X-30X-45X Binocular Stereo Microscope with Two Halogen Lights
USD $ 136.22
10X-15X-30X-45X Boom Stand Trinocular Stereo Microscope + Fluo Light
USD $ 329.98
10X-15X-30X-45X Trinocular Stereo Microscope with Top & Bottom Lights
USD $ 254.56
10X-20X-30X-60X Binocular Stereo Microscope + Aluminum Carrying & Storing Case
USD $ 218.48
10X-20X-30X-60X Boom Stand Trinocular Stereo Microscope + Fluo Light
USD $ 329.98
10X-20X-30X-60X LED Cordless 2-Lights Stereo Microscope w Rechargeable Batteries
USD $ 159.98
10X-20X-30X-60X Stereo Binocular Microscope with Dual Lights
USD $ 168.00
10X-20X-30X-60X Stereo Microscope on Boom Mount + Digital Camera
USD $ 439.98
10X-20X-30X-60X Stereo Microscope on Single-Arm Boom with Ring Light
USD $ 299.98
10x-20x-40x Binocular Stereo Coin Microscope
USD $ 159.99
10X-20X-40X Binocular Stereo Microscope with Top and Bottom Lights
USD $ 142.98
10X-20X-40X Stereo Microscope on Single-Arm Boom with Ring Light
USD $ 299.98
10X-20X-40X Trinocular Stereo Microscope on Single Arm Boom Stand
USD $ 299.98
10X-30X Super Widefield Pillar Stand Stereo Microscope with Top & Bottom LED Lig
USD $ 219.98
10X-30X Super Widefield Stereo Microscope with Top & Bottom Lights
USD $ 225.38
10X-30X Super Widefield Track Stand Multiple Power Stereo Microscope
USD $ 189.98
10X-40X Jewelry Gem Trinocular Stereo Microscope with Three Lights
USD $ 499.00
10X-40X LED Cordless Stereo Microscope w/ Top & Bottom Brightfield and Darkfield
USD $ 209.98
10X-60X LED Cordless Stereo Microscope w/ Top & Bottom Brightfield and Darkfield
USD $ 209.98
10x-60x Stereo Zoom Microscope Dual Halogen + 5MP Digital Camera
USD $ 573.30
10X/30X Halogen Coaxial Reflection Light Binocular Dual Power Stereo Microscope
USD $ 134.00
10X/30X HH Dual Illuminated Binocular Dual Power Stereo Microscope
USD $ 136.22
110V Digital Electric Industrial Inspection Zoom Video Microscope Amplify ual
USD $ 359.00
110V Digital Electric Inspection Zoom Video Microscope Amplify USB ual
USD $ 349.00
11X-80X Coaxial Light Inspect Zoom Microscope + 10MP Camera Win & Mac
USD $ 975.10
11X-80X Inspection Zoom Microscope with Coaxial Light + 5MP Camera
USD $ 649.75
11X-80X Zoom Microscope w/ 10MP Camera Compatibe w/ MAC OS10 & Windows
USD $ 899.00
120 Gram x 0.001 (1 ) Optima Digital Lab Analytical Pharmacy Scale Balance NEW
USD $ 389.99
14M Pixel Digital USB3.0 Microscope Camera with Software and Stage Micrometer
USD $ 289.38
14MP 1080P HDMI HD Microscope USB Industry Camera 180X C-mount Lens+Stereo Stand
USD $ 279.88
14MP 1080P HDMI HD USB Industrial Microscope Video Camera+180X C-mount Lens US!
USD $ 203.88
14MP 1080P USB HDMI HD Industry Video Microscope Set Camera C-mount Lens + Stand
USD $ 268.88
14MP HDMI 1080P USB Industry Microscope Video Camera Set C-mount Lens Stand Lamp
USD $ 268.88

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