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400W ER11 Spindle Motor Power Supply Speed Controller Holder Support Kits Black  0000-000-001

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Product Details

Brushless Spindle DC Spindle Set
The spindel has no brushes which has the advantage of higher energy efficiency for higher usable output power and less heat generation. Also the torque at low rpms is higher and the noise is lower than with conventional spindles.

This spindel set contains the following items:

1 * 400W spindle motor with with ER11 3.175 collet to be used directly with our mill and drill bits
1 * Mach3 PWM speed controller including potentiometer in case there is no PWM available
1 * Mount bracket with screws
1 * 48 Volt 400 W power supply
1 * cabel set to connect the spindle and potentiometer

Brushless Spindle DC Spindel Motor specification:
1.Work voltage: 48VDC
2.Rotation speed: max. 12000r/min
3.Power: 400W
5.Insulation resistance:>2Megohm
6.Dielectric strength:400V
8.Axis collet Length: 43mm
9.Diameter of Axis collect holder:16mm
10.Typical outrun of inner collet cone: 0.01-0.03mm
11.ER11 collect: 3.175mm
12.Net weight:1.1KG

Brushless DC driver:
1.Working voltage: DC12-52V
2.Drive current: Rated current 10A, Peak current 15A.
3.the drive power: ≤ 500w (up to working voltage)
4.Speed/Current closed loop control technology, smooth rotation, high efficienc
5.Speed regulation: external potentiometer adjust, 0-5V analog voltage , PWM speed control (MACH3 control)
6.F/R(forward / reverse control) Rotation, soft shift function
7.Over current, short circuit protection (red LED indicator)
8.EN( enable control) function

Power supply specification:
1.Input Voltage: AC110-220V
2.Output Voltage: 48 V
3.Output Power: 400 W
4.Weight: 0.9 kg

Operation mode description:
1. Potentiometer speed regulation: You can control speed directly through potentiometer
2. Analog control:VR is connected to 0-5V voltage signal input. GND connect to ground (Notice: When you use external PWM signal speed control, you must remove the potentiometer connections. Otherwise, PWM will not be working)
3. PWM signal control: you can input an external PWM signal to speed control. It requires external PWM: level 3.5-12V VPP, frequency 1KHZ-10KHZ, which suitable for MACH3 spindle speed control.(Notice: for external PWM signal control it is necessary to remove the potentiometer )
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